Jan 11

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160 Free Sidewalk Trees Planted in the Portola During 2017, More to Come!

Nearly 15% of all the sidewalk trees planted in S.F. last year, we planted in the Portola!

The Garden District Is Embracing Street Trees

The streets of the Garden District are getting greener with some help from Friends of the Urban Forest and the city. With the passage of Prop E, the city has directed funding and asked F.U.F. to focus their efforts on the treeless streets of San Francisco’s outer neighborhoods.

Portola appears to be embracing a greener neighborhood now that maintenance, liability and potential sidewalk cracking issues are all the city’s responsibility. In the years before free trees and Prop E, only 30 to 50 trees were planted in the neighborhood annually.  The demand last year was so great that 160 were planted in three separate planting events, a definite record for the Portola. 2018 is also off to a solid start with F.U.F. reporting over 30 individual tree requests for their April planting before promotion of the event has even begun….wow.

Join the Movement, Claim Your Free Tree

Join your neighbors in the Portola greening movement by signing up for a free tree(s) by visiting the F.U.F. Portola planting page HERE and signing up. The deadline is February 21st for the April 7th planting. Once signed up, F.U.F.will take care of all permits, coordination with utilities and the actual planting of the tree.

10 beautiful new Brisbane Box trees being planted along the once barren stretch of Goettingen St. The trees will provide shade for M.L.K.’s school yard,

Bonus Video Featuring The Portola

To learn a bit more about F.U.F., take a look at this promo video that was filmed mostly in the Portola during last year’s successful planting.

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