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McLaren Park Receives $12 Million Christmas Gift from City Hall

McLaren Park’s years of neglect by the city will start to be reversed after a large cash infusion was approved by the Rec & Park Board of Commissioners late last year. The $12 million funding was approved along with the McLaren Park Vision Plan which was created over the past year through a series of public meetings and workshops. The green lighted vision plan will provide a road map for park project spending and a tool for the pursuit of more funding because lets face it, $12 million doesn’t go very far in a 312 acre park.. Despite that sobering fiscal reality, Chuck Farrugia of Help McLaren Park, is pretty excited about the funding that his group (among others) fought so long to get, summing up its importance in an e-blast to group members:


The McLaren Park Vision Plan passes the final hurdle at yesterdays commission meeting.  12 MILLION dollars is coming your way!  New paths, new playground, a new bike park, a new community garden, a new tai chi court, massive improvements to the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, new pedestrian crosswalks and walkways on Shelley Drive, new signage, improved trails,  etc.  This is the first ever cash infusion into McLaren Park since the days it was created and yes, it was waaay overdue.

Its a amazing start to only better things yet to come. McLaren will be well positioned to be on the 2019 bond after these improvements begin. Like Glen Park, who double dipped and received over 30 million in a second attempt, we too will be positioned perfectly.


Despite this windfall of cash, much work still needs to be done before shovels hit the dirt.  The vision plan is only a guide at this point and will require more development and public input to iron out all the details of each area of work before construction can begin.  Visit to the project website HERE to get looped into the process as news and public comment opportunities are announced.

You can peruse the full McLaren Park Vision Plan by clicking HERE.  We’ve pulled out the areas of the plan with the greatest impact for the Portola and posted below for some easier viewing.

Revitalized Park Gateways

Proposed plan for Oxford St. entrance includes upgraded landscaping, walking paths and signage to better engage the park with the adjacent neighborhood:

Proposed plan for Woolsey St. entrance includes upgraded athletic fields, playgrounds and parking lot.  No official word on what’s to become of the horse stables an any upgrades to the murky duck pond yet:

Proposed plan for Mansell St. entrance looks to have the most dramatic changes with dedicated Tai Chi courts, mew open spaces and better connections to the adjacent neighborhood:

Reimagined Group Picnic Area

In addition to upgrades to seating, pathways and BBQ’s. a new nature themed playground will be built into the hillside with a giant slide!  Permanent and often cleaned bathrooms would be nice too…

Upgraded Jerry Garcia Amphitheater

Better accessibility for events lawn improvements and concession areas for food trucks are just a few of the proposed upgrades:  Infrastructure for fencing and ticket booths are in the proposal as well which is interesting.  bigger name ticketed shows or perhaps even for alcohol sales?

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  1. Julie Long Gallegos

    How many trees will be cut and how much glyphosate will be spread?

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