Jan 26

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Vote For Our Locally Designed Neighborhood Flag!

Over 50 Entries!

Late last year, the Portola Urban Greening Committee put out a call to the community for a Portola flag designs.  The response was greater than expected with a whooping 53 submissions from the neighborhood.  The entries are as diverse as the community they represent; from abstract symbolism to crayon artwork from kids in the neighborhood .  When all is said and done, unfortunately only one design will be selected but with so many Portolans taking the time to put their ideas on paper, community pride appears to be the clear winner already.

Cast Your Votes!

We couldn’t post all 53 entries but we had to show off the wide variety of creativity from neighbors who are clearly professional artists to neighbors who aren’t but were compelled enough to give it a go which is pretty cool in itself.  Check them all out and VOTE for your top 3 favorites!


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