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Community Public Safety Meeting with Supervisor Ronen This Monday

Portola’s D-9 Supervisor, Hillary Ronen and police Captain Steve Ford, are holding a special community meeting Monday to discuss crime in the neighborhood.  Please attend if you have concerns as this will be the community’s best forum to be heard and spur action by the city.  See above flyer for details.

A similar meeting was held this week for the Cantonese speaking members of our community.  The large crowd reporting the same safety issues sparked an immediate reaction by Ronen on Facebook:


Last night, over two hundred Chinese speaking residents and merchants attended a packed community meeting at Imperial Garden Restaurant in the Portola to share their concerns regarding crime and violence in the neighborhood.

Recently I have heard of a disturbing amount of muggings in the Portola, including in a terrible incident on January 19th, when a merchant on San Bruno had his laptop stolen. When he attempted to retrieve his property, the suspect appears to have intentionally run him over in his car.

What is most frustrating to my constituents—and to me—is that currently, there are no Cantonese speaking officers working in the Portola neighborhood. And this is a neighborhood where 60% of the residents are of Chinese descent and many are mono-lingual Chinese-speaking, including elders, who are so vulnerable to crime.
In fact, Bayview Station, which covers the Portola, does not have even ONE Cantonese speaking officer right now.

This is completely unacceptable.

My office has been in conversation with the leadership of SFPD over this past month to demand that we get Cantonese speaking officers at Bayview Station immediately.

Last night Captain Steve Ford and Commander Lazar made a promise to the community that they will make this change and put Cantonese speaking foot beat officers in the Portola.
I am very glad to hear that this promise has been made, and my office will be following up to make sure that this promise becomes a reality. But if for some reason the police are not able to ensure that Cantonese speaking officers are available to serve the Portola neighborhood, then I will be looking to other avenues, including introducing legislation, to make sure that it happens.    -Hillary Ronen, Facebook


Furthermore, Supervisor Ronen announced yesterday via Facebook that as a result of the meeting, SFPD would be doubling foot beats on San Bruno Ave and hiring Cantonese speaking officers for the Portola:


I want to thank Police Captain Steve Ford, San Francisco SAFE and Portola community leaders for doing a merchant walk with me on San Bruno Ave. yesterday, to make sure that Chinese merchants are safe during the Lunar New Year.

I am very excited to announce that the Captain is doubling foot beats on San Bruno and that he will be bringing on at least 2 Cantonese speaking police officers to serve the Portola neighborhood!

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