Feb 12

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Wedding Portography: Love in the Community Garden

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the civic value of a public space is when it is appreciated enough to be memorialized in a couple’s wedding photos.  For the first time, that we know of at least, the green hillside of Burrows Pocket Park set the scene for a Portola couple on their big day.

Anyone who has been around the neighborhood more than 5 years will remember that this forgotten space was anything but beautiful back then. Tired of the dumping ground, a group of neighbors transformed the embankment into the colorful park we have today.  Years of volunteer labor and care has kept the garden going which probably makes for a fitting metaphorical wedding photo destination if we want to get all deep about it..

Hat tip to Shae for the photos and congratulations to the newlyweds!

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  1. Anne Gughemetti


  2. Laura

    Nice photos. What is the location of the Burrows Pocket Park. I haven’t seen the exact location mentioned anywhere.

    1. Sarah

      its at the crossroads of San Bruno Ave & Burrows St. If you Google Map: “Wynners Books & Gifts” It will take you right to the park. 🙂

  3. Mariana Nava

    My sister and her husband took some of their Wedding photos in McLaren Park, in 1993. They came out BEAUTIFUL and it was raining that day!

  4. Jenn

    My husband and I took our Christmas card photos in front of the WELCOME TO THE PORTOLA sign off Silliman and Silver, as well as in the pocket park. It’s an amazing backdrop!

  5. Shae Inglin

    I was so tickled to see them taking photos. I thought ””you know what? the pocket park really does make for a great backdrop.wihout having to trek very far for beautiful foliage.”

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