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Jan 11

160 Free Sidewalk Trees Planted in the Portola During 2017, More to Come!

The Garden District Is Embracing Street Trees The streets of the Garden District are getting greener with some help from Friends of the Urban Forest and the city. With the passage of Prop E, the city has directed funding and asked F.U.F. to focus their efforts on the treeless streets of San Francisco’s outer neighborhoods. …

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Jun 15

Free Trees, Pruning & Sidewalk Repair For The Portola

The city has changed its policy on street trees due to the passage of prop E last year. This means that the city now owns and maintains the trees.  Residents are no longer responsible for pruning and if the roots crack the sidewalk, the city will repair it at no cost to you (it’s about …

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Nov 08

Porticulture: Greening St. Elizabeth Church

“Porticulture”, the art of garden cultivation and management in the Portola District. Portola got a little less concrete-y yesterday with a little help from a new neighbor and our newest “Porticulturalist”.  Ken Ogle relocated from Corona Heights several months ago to the great unknown of   S/E S.F. and he was immediately smitten with our …

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May 10

Reminder about tree planing in the Portola

Last month, we informed you all of a great service provided by Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). They are a non-profit organization that helps people plant trees in their neighborhood and are heading to the Portola for a community planting. They have now set Saturday 16th June as the date. Prior to this, a community meeting will be …

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