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Feb 15

“Retain Our History, Create Our Future,” A Vision for Portola’s Greenhouses

Background Many people have asked over the years, “What is going on with the abandoned greenhouses?” Of course, they are referring to the 770 Woolsey Street property–the Portola block bounded by Woolsey, Hamilton, Bowdoin, and Wayland–which was once a thriving rose nursery (a.k.a. The Rose Factory), but has been long vacant and slowly decaying. The land itself is …

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Aug 24

Apparently Kevin Spacey Has Our Doors

We’ve heard this neighborhood rumor for quite some time and it appears that it might actually be true. If you haven’t heard, the story is that actor Kevin Spacey bought the Avenue Theater’s entry doors several years ago when the church operating out of the space at the time, deemed them too risqué for their …

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