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Nov 18

Palega Recreation Center Opening a Success!

Well we had an absolute blast at the park this weekend. There was a massive turn out and lots of activities and the park has been busy over the weekend since. Thanks to everyone who turned up and also those who worked very hard to put on the events for the opening ceremony.  

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Nov 05

Palega Recreation Center Opening Ceremony Update

Two weeks left! Saturday 16th November and we will finally have our wonderful park and recreation center back in the hands of our local citizens. The Portola Planet HQ was host this weekend to a meeting of the Parks and Rec public relations team, the staff people who will be running the new center, the Portola …

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Oct 21

Palega Recreation Center Re-opening Ceremony on the 16th November

Finally, after a few months of delays, the Palega Recreation Center is soon to reopen. The date has been set for Saturday the 16th November between 11am and 1pm. There is a committee from the neighborhood setting up an opening ceremony, and as soon as we know more, we will update here on the Portola …

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Sep 23

Portola winds damage new art installation

It’s been less than a week since the wonderful new art installation was erected at Palega Park and the cruel San Francisco winds have already sent it back to Oakland for repairs. In the words of Blaine Merker, the artworks designer; “Zephyros’s upper fins were damaged in the high winds we had and we decided …

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Sep 14

New art in the park inspried by Zephyrus, greek god of the West wind

We are so, so close to the opening of the new Palega Recreation Center. Today was another important milestone in this $21 million project’s history. An art piece was installed at the north entrance to the grounds, and it’s amazing. I was fortunate enough to get a close up this afternoon, while walking the grounds …

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Aug 30

Quick video of the progress at Palega Park

Ok, we live close to the park, so it’s hard not to keep wanting to post updates on the progress. I am also aware that we don’t want to end up being as obsessed with local features as other blogs 😉 But with the grass down, the park is looking really very beautiful and if …

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Aug 23

Palega Park gets grass, new extension and is close to completion

Palega Park is getting closer to completion. Right now the estimated time for it to be fully open is around the end of Sept, and that has slipped since the initial estimate of March. But evidence of the project being in the final stages is clear from the photos below. We can’t wait to be …

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Aug 20

Huge progress at Palega recreation center

Here is your regular update on the $20 millon dollar project renovating the park and recreation center in the middle of the Portola. The Planet took a walk down to the onsite offices and did the usual pleading and begging to get a peak inside the building. To our surprise, a hard hat was slapped …

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