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Jan 31

Wondering What’s Left of the Avenue Theater’s Auditorium? See for Yourself

Now that the facade of the Avenue Theater has received a complete renovation, the question we keep hearing is “in what condition is the interior?”  The auditorium space was briefly reopened to the public for a sneak peek during last year’s big sign unveiling event.  Many, including myself, were expecting to see a creepy, crumbling, …

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Sep 12

Mayor To Unveil Avenue Theater’s Striking New Neon Tomorrow – Come Join The Party!

After years of planning and decades of wishful thinking, tomorrow night Mayor Ed Lee will flip the switch on a new chapter in the Avenue Theater’s history.  Come join the countdown and tour an historical exhibit curated by our Portola neighbors in the old Johnson’s B.B.Q. space.  Live organ music, ice cream and an after …

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Aug 24

Apparently Kevin Spacey Has Our Doors

We’ve heard this neighborhood rumor for quite some time and it appears that it might actually be true. If you haven’t heard, the story is that actor Kevin Spacey bought the Avenue Theater’s entry doors several years ago when the church operating out of the space at the time, deemed them too risqué for their …

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Aug 05

Solving The Avenue’s Neon Color Mystery

It’s been over 30 years since the neon on the Avenue Theater’s marquee last glowed, and when the P.N.A. took on the restoration project, the goal was to make it look just as it did in its heyday. This presented a problem for the restoration team that was tasked with bringing the iconic sign back …

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Jun 08

“See Your Name Up In Lights”: Avenue Theater Crowdfunding Off To A Strong Start!

The restoration of the Avenue Theater facade is in full swing but to achieve the financial goal the Portola Neighborhood Association needs your help! The city has generously pitched in the majority of the funds to restore the facade and light the marquee but it’s not enough to make the project as flashy as it …

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May 08

Renew The Avenue! Theater Facade To Be Restored & More!

Historic Facade To Be Restored We had a little fun attempting to create some “breaking news” drama in our last Avenue Theater post by creating an air of mystery around this exciting project.  Something big is indeed happening at the long abandoned Theater but it’s not much of a secret for Portolans that have been attending …

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Apr 18

What’s Happening At The Abandoned Avenue Theater?

If you follow the Portona Neighborhood Association on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen a very cryptic but tantalizing post this morning.  Apparently something very interesting is happening with the long abandoned but much-loved Avenue Theater.  See the screenshot below for exhibit A: Just as curious, if you happen to pass by the theater …

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