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Nov 16

Flowery Fruit & Cake Creations At New(ish) Bakery

It’s Cheap, It’s Nice & Most Importantly, It’s Good! I’ll just come right out and admit it, I turned my nose up at Fancy Wheat Field Bakery before it moved into its new location, the cramped old space serving hotdog filled pastries wasn’t calling my name. That all changed several months back when a neighbor …

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Apr 03

P.N.A. Decluttering San Bruno Ave.

The Portola Neighborhood Association’s Safety & Transportation Committee’s goal is to improve the functionality of San Bruno Ave. Not a small task by any measure. They achieved a milestone in their efforts to make the sidewalks less visually and physically crowded with the installation of improved news racks. The new racks have replaced the long …

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Mar 09

The Slow Reveal Has Begun!

The big, bold and beautiful “Welcome To The Portola” mural has begun its slow reveal. It appears that the mural will pretty much cover the entire side of Ruth’s Children’s Shoppe. See the completed work and celebrate Portola’s designation as “San Francisco’s Garden District” this Saturday at 1:30 pm! Detail here if you missed it …

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Feb 17

Portography: Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s that time of year when the Portola’s large and diverse Asian community celebrates the coming of a new year with a bang. As most Portolans know by now, the neighborhood typically explodes with the sounds of celebratory fireworks during the month of February. Due to the nonstop but much-needed rains, the firecrackers have been …

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Feb 10

The Chronicle Tells the Story of Breakfast At Tiffany’s & Portola Community Involvement

When we were looking for a new home two years ago, one of the characteristics of the Portola that attracted us was the high level of community involvement.  As most of us know, there are a lot of dedicated and passionate people involved here.  A fact, reinforced by the numerous community groups serving this small …

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Dec 10

Construction Brewing At F.D.R.

Har-Har, I know, cheap laugh headline but I couldn’t resist. Anyway, an early Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Soltice/etc. gift has arrived for home brewers and craft beer lovers. Several weeks ago construction officially began on the Portola’s very first NanoBrewery and home brew supply shop. The crew at Ferment Drink Repeat posted the video below on their Facebook …

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Oct 10

San Bruno Ave. Brewery Update

Sounds like I’m not the only Portolan jonesing for – I mean patiently awaiting, the arrival of San Bruno Ave’s first brewery.  Over the past week we have received several emails enquiring about the status of F.D.R. on S.B.A.  After several months of little activity, a post appeared on Ferment Drink Repeat’s Facebook page like a light ashore …

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Oct 07

PNA Welcomes New Corridor Manager

Word comes from the Portola Neighborhood Association that they have hired a new corridor manger to fill the spot left by the much loved Jack Tse. Here is the press release from the PNA: San Francisco, CA, Oct 6, 2015 — The Portola Neighborhood Association is excited to welcome its new corridor manager Luke Spray …

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