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Oct 04

University Mound Nursery is up for sale!

Catching up on news, the Planet reports that the last remnant of our neighborhood’s flower growing history is up for sale! Yours for only an eye watering $12 million or $325k a lot. Owned by the Garibaldi family since the 1920’s, it’s probably going to take 2-3 years for any developer to go through subdivision, planning …

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Apr 30

Curbed.com reveals possible future of University Mound Nursery

Since the Portola Planet launched a few months ago, sf.curbed.com has wonderfully picked up on many of our stories. It therefore only makes sense to return the favor. Their recent article on the University Mound Nursery tempts us with the possibility that;  …in the last decade, the Recreation and Parks Department has considered purchasing the lot. …

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