Meet Zion Daniel, known by his stage name Nodin, a 22-year-old rising artist hailing from Cincinnati, OH. Standing at 5’10”, Nodin brings a unique blend of cultural influences to the music scene, drawing from his Native American, African, and German roots. His middle name, Nodin, signifies “wind” or “spirit” in his heritage, a fitting moniker for an artist whose music aims to transcend and inspire.

As Nodin prepares for the release of his highly anticipated album “Diatonic Funk” on May 17th, excitement is building among fans and newcomers alike. The album, featuring 17 tracks, is designed to encapsulate summer vibes and promote a sense of well-being and enjoyment. Nodin explains, “I wanted to make something to help people heal, but also enjoy themselves and embrace themselves.”

The lead track, “Let It Go,” stands out as Nodin’s personal favorite, setting the tone for an album filled with soulful rhythms and healing melodies. Nodin draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, ranging from jazz legend Thelonious Monk to modern rap icon XXXTentacion. This eclectic mix influences his unique sound, which he describes as “the funk itself” or “the soul.” He aims to create a project that allows listeners to find their own meaning and purpose within the music.

“Diatonic Funk” is set to feature a host of talented collaborators. Rated-R Playboi makes a significant contribution on the track “Diatonic Funk,” while Stbrn Sal, Andrew Alessi, and MJ add their unique touches throughout the album. MASLIN from MA and the underrated West Coast MC Sage Bay also make notable appearances, promising a rich and varied listening experience.

As Nodin continues to carve out his niche in the music industry, “Diatonic Funk” promises to be a defining project. With its release, Nodin is poised to make a lasting impact, inviting listeners to embrace their own spirits and find joy and healing in his soulful sounds. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to inspire and uplift through his music.