Jul 29

Portola Block Party & New Green Space Planning Workshop Today!

We are back after a summer vacation hiatus! First up is an event happening today down on San Bruno Ave.  Come enjoy the music, food and help plan the new green space expansion of Burrows Park:

TODAY from 10am – 1pm at 1 Burrows Street
Join your neighbors for the summer Portola community block party!

There’ll be delicious Churn ice cream, stellar live jazz music, free portrait drawing by a local SF artist, the chance to design a flag for the Portola, and of course Four Barrel coffee for the adults while the kiddos participate in an arts and crafts workshop. At noon we’ll gather for a free community lunch, followed by an planning workshop for the expansion of Burrows Pocket Park at 12:30pm.

Celebrate this glorious San Francisco summer and get to know your neighbors by gathering for family-fun, a free meal, and a workshop launching the design of a new community green space alongside San Bruno Avenue.

We can’t wait to see you at Burrows Pocket Park in a few hours!

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Jun 23

Portola’s Brewery Turns 1 This Weekend, Celebration Saturday

Has it already been a year? Apparently so, and to celebrate the critical first year mark for any small business, FDR is throwing a party! Details below but expect live music all day, mingling with neighbors and of course their award winning beer.


We are celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY … and we couldn’t have made it this far without YOU!

Please come and celebrate with us:

Saturday, June 24th

12 pm – 11 pm

We will have a special anniversary release of Hopsleeve IPA and

LIVE MUSIC all day long!

And we just may have our cake and let you eat it too!

2636 San Bruno Ave.

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Jun 22

Portola June Newsletter & Community Meeting Tonight

P.N.A Summer Community Meeting

Tonight is the Portola Neighborhood Association’s summer community meeting.  Learn more about what’s happening and meet the people representing the community. Details in the agenda below:


Sign Up For The P.N.A. Monthly Newsletter

If you can’t make the meeting but would like to stay on top of what’s happening in the Portola community, sign up for the newsletter.  Published monthly, sign up HERE.   We’ve attached this month’s newsletter to give everyone a taste of what to expect.



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Jun 21

Community Rescues Alemany Island

If you have driven past Alemany island anytime over the past 6 months, you’ve probably noticed that the winter rains drenched it with weeds. The hand painted mural panels weren’t looking so hot either after years of battering from the sun, wind and rain. A group of motivated neighbors also took notice and reached out to the P.N.A. for some organizing assistance.  After a year of planning (mostly waiting on the weather to cooperate), a month-long project to bring the neighborhood gateway back to life kicked off in April. The 15 or so volunteers dedicated three weekends to weed, mulch and plant the island’s overgrown garden.  A final weekend was needed to clean and apply three protective coatings to the murals resulting in the vibrant and gleaming panels you see today.

For those unaware of the project’s history, the Alemany Island Project was the brain child of a group of Portola artists. Each panel was designed by artist Kate Connell and Oscar Melara and painted by a different home in the neighborhood.   If you look closely at the panels, you can see that a different hand is evident in the painting of each one.  You can read more about this project’s organs and see photos of each board in our past post HERE.

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Jun 17

This Made Us Smile

Spotted on a porch in the neighborhood and we couldn’t agree more. Happy sunny Saturday Portola!

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Jun 16

Power Of The Portola: Community Surpasses Fundraising Goal In Record Time


The quick success of the Avenue Theater crowdfunding campaign goes to show how much us Portolans cherish our theater.  In a surprising show of support, the $7,500 goal was met in just 9 days.  But what’s truly astounding, is that the donations aren’t stopping.  As I write this post, the tally is now over $8,000, with over 50 individual donations from the community.

As described in our posted last week, the funds raised will all go to the facade restoration project, helping to bring the landmark back to life.   Paying the way for flashing neon, movable lettering and restored movie poster cases to display art, historic photography and community event notices. This powerful showing of community pride should send a strong message to potential investors and the building’s current owner. The Portola want to see the preservation and revitalizationof the Avenue Theater and we have clearly put our money where our mouth is.

Read more about the facade restoration project goals.

Update:  Due to the huge and unexpected success of the crowdfunding campaign, the PNA is going for their stretch goal of $10,000.  Please continue to spread the word and you can donate here



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Jun 15

Free Trees, Pruning & Sidewalk Repair For The Portola

The city has changed its policy on street trees due to the passage of prop E last year. This means that the city now owns and maintains the trees.  Residents are no longer responsible for pruning and if the roots crack the sidewalk, the city will repair it at no cost to you (it’s about time). To encourage more environmentally beneficial street trees, the city is working with Friends of the Urban Forest. to plant free trees around the Portola.   Due to the current lack of trees in the neighborhood, the city & F.U.F. selected the Portola as its first neighborhood in the program.  160 free trees are coming this summer to help beautify and create a more inviting street atmosphere in the community.   If you are still on the fence about getting a tree, consider that your tax dollars are paying for it regardless so you might as reap the benefits (just our 2 cents though).

If you would like one in front of your home, please sign up HERE.  You can also contact Jasmine Lim at F.U.F. (contact on flyer above) with any questions about the program.

Listen to the Lorax

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Jun 14

3 Ways To Support The McLaren Park Horses

The future of the McLaren Park horseback riding is now in the hands of the pubic. If you’d like to see them return next season we have three ways that you can voice your support and suggestion for improving the program.

1.  Sign The Change.org Petition

You can add your name here:  Sign the petition


2. Respond to the San Francisco Parks & Rec Survey

Click on the link here, scroll down to “feedback and let your voice be heard.

3. Write A Letter

The folks at Help McLaren Park are collecting letters that they will deliver to Park & Rec Department.  You can email your letter to [email protected]

Read more about the program in our past posts here and here.

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