The announcement of restructuring at SUNY Potsdam has elicited strong reactions from both students and the local community. Many are concerned about the significant program cuts that were revealed in the announcement. Zane Stevens, a sophomore at SUNY Potsdam, expressed his disappointment, emphasizing the value of diversity within the university.

Seren Deleon, a junior at SUNY Potsdam, shares concerns about the future and is considering exploring other college options. She worries that more cuts could be on the horizon, even though the college did not explicitly mention them in its announcement. Deleon described the emotional toll of potentially leaving a place she has invested so much time and care into.

However, not all students are directly affected by the cuts, and some believe that the restructuring strategy will ultimately allow the university to focus on its strengths and attract more students to campus.

Off-campus, the community quickly caught wind of the news. Potsdam Village Administrator Greg Thompson affirmed the village’s support for SUNY Potsdam, highlighting its status as the oldest SUNY institution and its importance to the local community. Thompson pledged to advocate for the university’s significance to Albany.

At Jernabi Coffeehouse, there is a prevailing sense of optimism despite the challenges ahead. Keri Wehmeyer, a barista, acknowledged the difficulty of the changes but expressed confidence that SUNY Potsdam would endure and continue to generate positive outcomes.

State Senator Dan Stec expressed his distress over the cuts at SUNY Potsdam and questioned New York State’s financial priorities. He pointed out that the state’s spending rate exceeded that of Florida and Texas combined, as well as 50 percent more per capita than California. Stec criticized the allocation of funds to what he considered the wrong programs, such as managing New York City’s self-created migrant crisis. He argued that this misplaced spending left institutions like SUNY Potsdam with insufficient financial resources and insisted that the university community deserved better.

In summary, the SUNY Potsdam restructuring announcement has stirred emotions and concerns among students and the local community. While some fear the impact of program cuts, others see potential benefits in the university’s new strategy. The community remains committed to supporting SUNY Potsdam, and State Senator Dan Stec has raised questions about the state’s spending priorities in light of the university’s challenges.

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  1. So sad- I am a parent of a student at Suny Potsdam and it’s hard to hear about these cuts! My child chose this school for many reasons and is thriving there! I understand that there is a lot of financial reasons as well for these said cuts but ultimately the choices of classes on the chopping block really do make this a problem for a wider amount of students!! Praying for the students and faculty. This is an OUTSTANDING SCHOOL and funds should come to help them first!! These are our future generations of leaders!!!

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